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News - Creating New Posts

The News Module is your gateway to the promotional workflow of your organization. You post a News item, then share it through bulk email and share it to social media. All will link back to your website, which is where the full News article is.

NEVER DELETE OLD NEWS. You should be posting new News items instead! The more News items you have, the more text there is on your website as a whole, and the more content for Google and the other search engines to index and link back to you.

So, let's create a News article...

The Headline and Synopsis

The most important element of any news story is the headline. It is what catches the reader's eye, and invites them in to read more about it. The syopsis is a supporting statement that expands on the headline text.

Every RocketFusion website starts out with a News Category called "General News." This can be renamed, or new categories can be added, by clicking the orange Manage News button after mousing-over the white [...] button above.

Set Display to Yes if you want your news item to appear on your website.

Advanced Info

Clicking Advanced Info leads you to a section where you can edit the News article's Meta tag Description (hidden text on the page that Google and other search engines use to help determine what the page is all about); modify the News article's Date Posted and date Updated dates; and enter a link to another web page, either on this site or elsewhere.

Attach Image

Clicking Attach Image leads you to a section where you can upload a photo to be attached to this News item. This method helps the website know exactly what image to use when sharing it on social media or via bulk email.

Any image that is attached to the News item will appear in the list of all news items, both on the main News page and the side News box, and will display on the News article itself when being viewed.

Editing Your News Text

As with any Page or Calendar item, or just about any other module that has text, you can now type in your news text in the Page Editor. For more info on tips and tricks with the Page Editor, view this article (coming soon).

When done editing, click the red Save Changes button. READ WHAT YOU WROTE, then click the red Edit button to go back in and fix any errors or omissions.

When that's done, READ WHAT YOU WROTE, AGAIN.

This cannot be stressed enough. Sure, you can have errors on your regular Pages on the website, but News items are typically the first step in broadcasting, marketing, sharing from your site. The text on this page will be delivered to potentially thousands of people, and will no longer be viewed only on your website. If it's been emailed out and there's a mistake in the text, you cannot edit what's already in someone's inbox.

When you're ready to share this News item, save the article and then mouse-over the [..] button then the "Share" button at the top of the page. You'll see a drop-down with options. Read more here:

Appears in: News Module