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News - Changing Sort Order

By default, News is sorted by the Posted Date, in descending order, which means the newest date sorts to the top.

If you've posted a new News item and you want what is now the second News item to remain at the top, you can edit the item and change its Posted date. Or you can change how the news is sorted, and deal with it that way, like making it sort by Updated (edited) Date instead, so all you have to do is click edit and save on a news item and it will pop back up to the top of the list.

To change how News items are sorted, go to any News page, mouse-over the white button with three dots, and click the orange Settings button. The setting to change is "drop News Sort" and the possible values are:

  • navTitle: alphabetical by news headline, a-z
  • navTitle desc: alphabetical by news headline, z-a
  • datePosted asc: by original date posted, oldest to newest *
  • datePosted desc: by original date posted, newest to oldest *
  • dateUpdated asc: by date updated (if re-edited), oldest to newest *
  • dateUpdated desc: by date updated (if re-edited), newest to oldest *
  • ID asc: original posting order by the database record ID, oldest to newest
  • ID desc: original posting order by the database record ID, newest to oldest

* If you have drop_News_Sort set to any of these four values, then a News item's placement in the sort order can be changed by editing that News item, clicking "Advanced Info", and changing either the Posted or Updated dates. Please take careful note of the format of the date.

Appears in: News Module