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Contacts - How to Use Lists

Contact Lists appear on the bottom of your contact us page. This is where visitors to your website can sign up for news, reminders or alerts via email. They need only enter in their email address and then select one or more List from the checkbox list at the bottom of the form.

These contact lists allow you to send emails to subscribers in two places on your RocketFusion website:

  • When sharing a news item or calendar event by mousing-over the white [...] button while viewing a news item or calendar event, and then clicking on Send by Email under the Sharing drop-down, subscribers will get that article or event emailed to them.
  • If you are a Town who has upgraded to the Open Government module: When a board is linked to a contact list and board meetings have been set up in the calendar, subscribers will get automated emails reminding them of upcoming meetings.

In order to use this functionality, you'll need to create lists. Setting up Lists is very easy...

Creating Email Lists

Email Lists are a function of the Contact Us module. You need to go to the contact us page on your website and click the orange Lists button. Here you will see a list of all existing contact lists on your website. You may have one, or none, or twenty.

List topics could be about services or products your company provides, or topics your website discusses, or simply general information.

If you are a Town who is using the Open Government module, you should create a contact list for each board you wish to allow the public to subscribe to. To avoid confusion, the lists should have the same name as the board they are for.

Review the list on the contact lists page to make sure the list you intend to create isn't already there. If there isn't, type in the name of the new list in the "New List Name" field at the bottom of the table of lists.

  • The checkbox in the Display column indicates whether or not the new list you just created should display in the list of checkboxes at the bottom of the contact us page.
  • The Checked column indicates whether or not the checkbox for this list should be pre-checked for the visitor filling out that form.
  • The Sort number will place it wherever you want in the list. Any lists with the same sort number will sort alphabetically. If all lists have the same sort number, say 0, then they will all sort alphabetically.
  • Leave the From Address field empty for now.

Click Save Changes.

If you are a Town who has the Open Government module, you will now need to edit your board page and link the new eList from the drop-down there.

Import New Contacts:

You can import new contacts into your website by copy and pasting them. Check out this presentation for details.

Appears in: Contact Module , Open Government Module