RocketFusion CMS

Contacts - Import your contacts to your website

Appears in: Contact Module


First, get your contacts into a list or spreadsheet.

Log into your website and go to your contact page.

Hover over the white box with the … (three dots)

You will then see a number of options.  Choose “import.”

There are a number of fields you can import. You must check the fields you want, default is email only.

In the photo below, I have chosen “name” to import as well.

Go to your spreadsheet, table, or simple list.

If using a spreadsheet, leave the data delimiter on “tab.”

For a simple list like in a word doc, add tabs between the email and name or choose a different delimiter (like comma) and use that: ie “name, email”

Select and copy the information from your spreadsheet or list.

Then paste into the open area on your contact form.

Choose the list(s)  you want to subscribe the new additions to.

Save your changes. (top or bottom button)