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Setting ECOM API Keys in RocketFusion

settings page for ECOM
Adding API Keys

If you are using the ECOM Module in RocketFusion, you need to get the "test" and "live" API keys for the merchant gateway you intend to use. RocketFusion supports Stripe, PayPal, and

All three merchant gateways use a pair of API keys (essentially account number and password) for both "test" and "live" mode. We generally set up test keys first and run a few fake purchases to make sure the gateway is working, then flip to live mode.

Getting Ready to Copy / Paste the API Keys

RocketFusion has a "settings" page that can show all settings for every module as well as other aspects of your website. We will focus on the ECOM Module settings, here.

  • First off, of course, log into your website as the administrator.
  • Mouse-over the rocket icon in the very top left of your screen to get to the Admin Panel
  • Click on Site Settings, down near the bottom
  • Click on ECOM in the first column of links
  • In the list of settings, you'll want to focus on the ones shown in the image on this page:
    • Ecom Merchant (Stripe, PayPal,
    • Ecom Merchant Mode (Live, Test)
    • Ecom Merchant Live Key 1 and 2
    • Ecom Merchant Test Key 1 and 2
  • For Ecom Merchant, choose the gateway you're going to use
  • Set Ecom Merchant Mode to Test for now
  • Copy and paste the API Keys (see below) to Live and Test Key 1 (public key / account) and Key 2 (secret key / password)

Obtaining PayPal API Keys

  • Go to and log in using your regular username (email address) and password
  • Mouse-over your name top right and click on Account Settings
  • Next to API Request click the Update link
  • Under REST API integration, click Manage REST API apps and credentials
  • To create an APP click PayPay Developer Experience
  • Under My apps & credentials click Live
  • Click Create app button, when asked, call it RocketFusion API
  • On the next page you'll see your PayPal account email and a Client ID.
    • Copy the Client ID and enter it into the Test Key 1 on your website's ECOM Settings
    • Under Secret click Show and copy the whole Secret string to Test Key 2
    • Click Save Changes
    • Do the same for Live
  • You can leave PayPal. Nothing more to do there.

Obtaining Stripe API Keys

  • Go to and log in
  • Click Developers on the left
  • Click API keys
  • There are two types of keys: Test, and Live. There is a switch on the right "View test data" to switch between the two.
    • Your website has a place for both test and live key pairs
    • Enter in both pairs and set your website to be in Test mode until a few test purchases have been created
  • We use standard Keys
  • If you don't already have a Publishable key, click Create secret key button
  • If you do, copy the Publishable key and paste into appropriate Key1 field on website
    • You can also click the "Reveal [live/test] key token" button to the appropriate Key2 field on website
  • You will also need to associate certain special settings with a special URL:
    • charge.failed
    • charge.succeeded
    • checkout.session.completed
    • invoice.payment_succeeded
    • https://[your-website-domain-name]/webhooks/stripe.cfm

Obtaining API Keys

  • We will have this list shortly.

Appears in: ECOM Module