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What Are Business Cards?

The Business Card Module allows you to create a database of customers or vendors or associates or any type or fashion of such lists you wish to create, categorized by whatever your needs.

For instance, if you were using the Module for customers, as we do on our own website, you could categorize the listings by business type (contractor, restaurant, municipality, professional services, etc).

Each Business Card record contains the full contact info, such as name, address, phone, website, etc., as well as a photo.

Each Business Card record will appear on the category page, and each record also links to their own page, where they can have a longer description.

Business Card pages can also be shared using the Share tool.

To create a new Business Card record, as with any Content Module, you can do any of the following, which ever you are more comfortable doing:

  • Open the Admin Panel and click Manage Biz, then click the green Add New Business button in the appropriate Category
  • Go to the main Business Card page and click the green Create Business button at the top
  • Go to any Category, or even any individual Business Card page, and click the green Create Business button at the top

You will open a pop-up window, which will have a form asking for the business name and contact info, as well as the initial Category. (Business Cards may be placed in more than one Category when editing the Business Card record.)

After clicking the green Create Business button at the bottom of the pop-up form, your new Business Card record will be created, and you'll be placed on the Edit page for that new Business Card, where you can enter in additional information, as well as attach an image.

Make sure the Business Card's "Display" setting is set to Yes or it will not appear on the Business Card pages.

Appears in: Business Cards Module