RocketFusion CMS

Pages: Create New Top-level Page

Every once in a while you'll need to create a new top-level page on your website (don't go too crazy, as you'll run out of room up there eventually)

  • Log in to the website as an admin
  • Mouse-over the top left rocket to get to the Admin Panel
  • Click Manage Pages
  • Click the green "Create Main Page" button
    • This will create a new, blank top-level page called "**New**", which you will need to rename
  • Click the red Edit button at the top of this new page
    • Give the page a short "Nav(igation) Title"
    • Give the page an optional longer "Page Title" (which will display on the page itself)
      • If you leave Page Title blank, the page will use the Nav Title at the top
    • Save Changes
  • Begin adding Page Sections
  • If you need to move the navigational link to a different spot in the navigation bar
    • Return to Admin Panel > Manage Pages
    • Change the sort number for each page to arrange them as needed
      • Note: Gallery is a "Module Page" that cannot be moved
        • Same for News and Contact us
        • Only the custom pages Doctrine through Sermons can be moved around on the nav bar
    • Save Changes

Appears in: Pages Module