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What Are Blocks, and How to Use Them

Blocks are a generic, image-based content object that is used mostly as link support for your website's navigation.

Typically they are used on a page to display three or four images that link elsewhere, perhaps to highlight your website's important content right on your homepage. Some web designers call them "buckets" because you can put almost anything in them, and use them in almost any manner.

For instance, if you are a contractor with four main services, you might put four blocks on your homepage, each with a photo depicting the service in question (ie; mowing, excavating, plumbing, carpentry, etc), with a one- or two-word title, each of which links to a page on that topic.

This not only adds a pleasing balance of images and text on your homepage, but it also highlights your more important services, and supports the site navigation's links to those pages.

Blocks can also be used to add multiple videos to your website, as well as a way to show off your staff or team os whatever.

Blocks automatically link to their own page, or you can enter in a custom URL to link to another page on your website. You can also set the blocks to not link to anything by checking the checkbox for that.

If you are adding Blocks to a Page Section, you can set the blocks to launch a slideshow instead of linking.

Blocks' natural display format is to appear in rows of X number of columns. You can set them to appear in two, three, four, or six columns. You can also set them to twelve columns per row, but the images will be very small.

Appears in: Blocks Module