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Calendar - Creating Board Meetings


The Open Government module has two parts: The boards, and the calendar. Before you can begin creating meetings with agendas using this module, you must make sure you have all your boards and members in place.

Five pages you should read to get the whole picture:

Creating Meetings and Agendas

All meetings use the built-in calendar, so go to the calendar and click the green (+) button to create a new event. If the calendar grid is not displayed, click the little calendar icon in the blue bar.


Because the Open Government module is an add-on to the calendar, you must first create your meeting as an event, including the name/title of the event, and the location. Both are required by law for open meetings. The date of the event will already appear, since you clicked the green (+) button on the date desired. Enter in the start and end times of the meeting.

If you see a Topic field, choose appropriately. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Select the Department from the drop-down list. If you don’t have a list you should go create a list of all departments as calendar categories. This allows the calendar to be filtered thusly.

Select the Board from the drop-down list. If this is not a board / committee / commission / council meeting, do not select anything. If it is, you MUST select a board, or you will not be able to add an agenda to the calendar event. In a nut shell, selecting a board here indicates that this is a MEETING and not just an EVENT in the calendar.

For board meetings you can leave the Event URL and Tickets URL field blank.

Click the red Save Changes button.


Once you’ve saved the new calendar event, and only if you have chosen a board from the dropdown, you’ll see a green Create Agenda button at the top.

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Appears in: Open Government Module