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Calendar - Board Meeting Stages

A calendar event is simply a calendar event until it has been assigned to a board by editing the event and selecting one from the drop-down.

Once a calendar event has been assigned to a board, it is now considered a meeting that has been SCHEDULED, though it is not yet really a meeting, since no agenda has been created.

Once an agenda has been created for a calendar event, it is now considered a meeting with a DRAFT AGENDA, and will remain in this mode until two days before the meeting, at which point the agenda is locked and the meeting is considered POSTED.

Board Meetings in the Calendar have four stages in their lives, the moving between being automatic by the passage of time:

  1. Draft Agenda (up to two days before the meeting)
  2. Posted Agenda (during the two-day period before the meeting)
  3. Draft Minutes (starts about ten minutes before the meeting starts)
  4. Approved Minutes (after the meeting minutes have been approved at a future meeting)

There's actually a "0" stage, called "Scheduled" when you assign a meeting in the Calendar, but haven't yet clicked the green Create Agenda button. This can be done as far in advance as you like.

Each of the four stages, listed above, also generate automatic emails to the admin who created the meeting in the Calendar, the board, and anyone who subscribes to the Board or wants to be notified about that particular meeting.

Meeting Stage When Emails Are Sent Who Gets Emailed
Draft Agenda Seven working days before the meeting starts Admin, Board
Draft Agenda Four days before meeting starts Admin, Board
Posted Agenda Two days (48 hours) before meeting starts Admin, Board, Subscribers
Meeting Start Ten minutes before meeting starts Admin, Board, Subscribers

Emails are ONLY sent if an Agenda has been created through the module. Even if you've assigned a Calendar event to a board, thus making it "Scheduled", no emails will go out until the Agenda has been created.

These date milestones all allow for Saturdays, Sundays, and official holidays. To ensure accurate calculating of these date milestones, website administrators should enter in all official holidays for the year well ahead of time by creating a calendar event and checking the “this is a holiday” checkbox.

Appears in: Calendar Module , Open Government Module