RocketFusion CMS

Calendar - Linking Contact Lists (Subscribe)

The RocketFusion platform has the ability to automatically email a list of all upcoming events in a Calendar Category to the subscribers of a Contact List that is linked to that Calendar Category.

In other words, if you have a Selectboard category in the Calendar, and want to provide residents the ability to receive notices of upcoming meetings, you simply need to have a Contact List called Selectboard and link it to the Calendar Category.

The easiest way to make sure you have a matching set of lists (Calendar Categories and Contact Lists) is to open two browser windows side by side. One with the Calendar Categories, and one with the Contact Lists.

  • Calendar Categories
    • Go to the main Calendar
    • Mouse-over the yellow Manage button
    • Click Link Contacts
  • Contact Lists
    • Go to your Contact page
    • Mouse-over the yellow Manage button
    • Click Manage Lists
  • Review the Categories you have in the Calendar
  • Review the Lists you have in Contacts

If the two lists don't match, you should create new Calendar Categories or new Contact Lists to match.

  • To add a new Calendar Category
    • Mouse-over Manage and click on Manage Categories
    • Click the green New Category button
    • Enter in a name (use proper capitalization)
    • Save Changes
  • To create a new Contact List
    • On the Manage Lists page, scroll to the bottom and type in a new list name
    • Make sure it matches a Calendar Category name (you can copy and paste)

Once you have matching Contact Lists for the Calendar Categories you want to allow people to subscribe to, return to the Calendar > Manage > Link Contacts page.

  • For each Calendar Category on the left, find the matching Contact List on the right.
    • You will see how many subscribers there are on each list
  • When done, save Changes.

The automatic emails go out every Friday morning at 6:00 AM. The script will gather the next ten days of events (that Friday, through the following Sunday at midnight), one email per category.

In other words, if you subscribe to three Contact Lists, and each linked Calendar Category has at least one event in the coming ten days, you will get three emails.

The text that appears in the email is the first paragraph of text description in the Calendar event, as well as the attached image and any attached files.

If there are multile events in the ten-day period the email includes, each will appear in the email separated by a horizontal line.

Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time using the tools available in the email.

Appears in: Calendar Module