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Calendar - Editing a Repeating Event

Repeating events are just like one-off, single events, except that they are connected through an "original calendar ID" in the back-end so the server knows they're all connected.

You cannot change the method of the repeating rule (ie; from every month on the 2nd to every month on the first Friday) once a repeating event has been created.

That said, you can always go in and edit any of the repeating events to change its date and time, as well as the title and description and even photo.

  • Go to the event in the calendar
  • Click the red Edit button
  • Click the red Recurring Options button (if it is missing that means the event has no recurring options)

You'll be presented with a table of all the events in the recurring schedule.


In here you can change the date, start and end times, and title of each event. You can also set the event to be Cancelled (not deleted), or delete the repeating event.

If you need to change the title, start time, end time, or long description for some or all events, you can change it in the top part of the form (above the Repeating Options) and then check the Modify checkbox for each event you want to inherit those changes.

Click Save Changes when done.

Appears in: Calendar Module