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Calendar - Creating A Repeating Event

Creating a repeating event starts the same way you would create a one-time event, but with the addition of setting a repeat rule. This can only be done on NEW events. As of this writing you cannot apply a repeating rule to an existing event.

  • Go to your calendar
  • Click the green (+) button for the first date in your repeating event schedule
  • Set the Title, Location, Start and End times
  • Put the long description of the event in the body of the event, below
  • Click the green Recurring Options button


At this point you'll be given several repeating options, including repeating every day (or every week); every month on a particular date (every month on the 5th); every month on a particular day (every first Sunday); or every year. For the first three you must pick a specific end date, and for the yearly option you must specify the end year (ie; every year on Jan 2 through 2030).

When choosing your repeating option you must ensure the radio button next to your selection is also chosen.

The repeating options are based on the original date you clicked on in the calendar. If you want to repeat an event every Sunday, for instance, you should click on the initial Sunday in your repeat run.

When done editing (make sure to have your descriptive text about the event in the long descption field and check it for spelling and grammer) you can click the red Save Changes button

Editing Repeating Events

Once you're saved your event and you see that it is properly repeating according to your schedule, you can edit any of the repeating events either by finding them in the calendar and editing it there, or going to the initial event and edit that. Click the red Repeating Options button, and view your options there.

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Appears in: Calendar Module